Full Interior Design Package

Designing spaces transforming lives

My full-service interior package is a comprehensive service that covers all your interior design needs.

From concept to completion,
I work with you to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing space that meets your needs and reflects your personal style.


The process begins by creating a detailed plan that encompasses the entire space, including, if necessary, any changes to existing floor plans This plan outlines the entire project scope, from the structural elements like walls and windows to the detailed design elements like materials, layout, and furniture.


Once the plan is finalized, we will select the finishing materials, furniture, and accessories for the space. I will often provide specific recommendations, or I can work with you to source items that reflect your individual style and budget.


I will also provide guidance on installation, ensuring that everything is placed correctly, and the overall look is cohesive and aesthetically pleasing. I will collaborate with you and your contractor throughout the entire process, to ensure that the result meets all your expectations and beyond.

Remodeling a home comes with hundreds of decisions that need to be made, and details that need attending to, let me guide you through this exciting, nerve-racking journey.

My goal is to give you a space that you will love and be proud to call home.



You want to renovate a kitchen, bathroom, or some other space in your house- I can help with planning the layout and choose all finished materials.


You are building a new home or want to renovate an existing home- let me help you with all the tough, fun, overwhelming decisions.


Your house is too small for you, or the floor plan does not meet your family needs- we can discuss changes in the floor plan or your options for an addition to the house.


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